5 Rock Solid Ideas to fuel your Crowdfunding campaign.

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1. Evaluate the Idea. You should start with a compelling idea with unique and attractive rewards.
2. Start researching similar campaigns, even the unsuccessful ones (they can be a great source of valuable info about how not to do). Try to reach successful campaign managers for insights for your campaign. They may seem similar but when you go deeper you will always find significant differences.
3. Plan 3-4 months ahead of time. The prep period depends on what funding goal, expertise and the size of your crowd. Consider a pre-campaign crowd building process. Don’t launch in July, Aug. or Dec. when everyone is on vacation.
4. Define you Target Audience. Who, What are they doing, Where do they hang out. Connect with as many like minded people as possible. Try to become part of their community and ask them about your idea. Feedback will help you position yourself.
5. Leverage your team Power. You need the best players. Organize a Party and make a great pitch to motivate your crowd. Gather only members on whom you can rely.

Stay Tuned more Crowdfunding tips to come!

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