Mural Art

Mural Art
I was out this past Sunday in Islington Village here in Toronto and discovered a real treasure trove of great Mural Art on the walls of a number of establishments. These works are really beautiful and skillfully executed. Here are a couple of the best I saw.
Islington Village Mural Art
Islinton Village TO Mural Art
It turns out that Mural Art and Graffiti Art is quite instrumental in the revitalizing of many city communities across North America and the world.
Here are some examples:
World Biggest Mural Berlin
A Contender For “World’s Biggest Mural” In Berlin, Germany
This Mural is a massive 20,000 square meters. It was painted on a block of apartments in Berlin, Germany by French company CitéCréation. All of the subjects were natural subjects inspired by a local zoo. An application to the Guinness Book of World Records has been submitted.
BC Murals Chemainus
Chemainus, BC
Chemainus is a community that’s world famous for its 39 outdoor murals. They are on the east coast of Vancouver Island.
Berlin Murals Stik and Thierry
Stik And Thierry Noir, London, UK
This minimalist creation was created by artistic team Stik and Thierry Noir, and it was part of a project organized by Street Art London, a group that promotes and documents street art across the UK’s capital city.
J.R. Berlin Murals
J.R. In Berlin
This is part of his ‘Wrinkles of the City’ project. Created my J.R. a french street artist. He has
has put his large-scale works of public art on walls all around the world.
NYC Murals Kenny Scharf
Kenny Scharf, NYC
Kenny Scharf, street artist, created this piece in NYC back in 2010. This building is owned by the Hole Gallery, and Scharf’s piece was the fifth in the series. Different painters were invited to decorate a wall in the Bowery.

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