6 Compelling Ideas to Improve your #crowdfunding campaign.

Mural or Graffiti Art1. Estimate the costs. Figure out the cost of running your campaign and the rewards. Shipping worldwide etc. Don’t forget the government, crowdfunding income is taxable. The fees from all the platforms vary greatly, with us it’s 5% (less than most) and don’t forget processing fees.
2. Preparing for the show. Build an email database and make most of your communications via email, so start creating that email list now. Create a landing page for this purpose, and offer something in return. The more people on the list the better. Use friendly colors and feature yourself in a friendly message with images, testimonials. Share and shout out to people in social media.
3. Create a FB page and or Group to drive traffic to your Landing Page. This also raises awareness about your campaign.
4. Schedule your emails. Create email templates for three categories; Cold Warm and Hot. You will be busy with other stuff so schedule your email with an email scheduling program like Boomerang for Gmail. Make it personal and don’t ask for too many things. First tell your story then expand a little.
5. Raising Awareness. It starts with your personal community so make sure you leverage everyone. It’s really from your initial community that the ball starts rolling. Initial funding will come from people you know, then try reaching out to a larger community. Write personal messages to the people you know stating how they might be useful. If you know someone who is less likely to back you ask them to share your campaign.
6. Participate in exhibitions and events. Make relationships with people and share your idea with visitors, companies and don’t forget media. They are always looking for great stories.

Stay tuned for more great tips!

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